Seek me out like a fuckin’ bloodhound 

I hang low in a diner uptown 

She love me so 

She love me whole 

I’d love her back but I don’t know how

But I fall for her every day 

Buy me a pocket sized Hemingway 

I could write my love in any way 

I could see myself in hell someday 


An old diner 

Marlboro’s and a cold Shiner 

Blank stare ‘cause I got my thoughts 

Wrapped up in her vagina 

Daniel Day monologue with that 

Cocksure confidence 

The present is a box that she locks 

All of her logic in 


Basking in the tele’s glow

She pull me close and let me know 

She could write her love in any way

She could see herself in hell someday 


Romantic as a wine-O

I can see it in the way that her eyes glow 

I’m a Saint Maker 

Deify a stranger 


And I don’t even ask myself 

Why it is I’ve been sleeping here 

It only keep me up at night 

Feeling the blood rush through my ears

And I don’t even ask myself 

Why I never leave her place 

I’d only sleep too well at night

Desperately dreaming of her face 


“So it goes” says Vonnegut 

Bought my clothes with pocket lint 

I don’t think I should ponder this 

Loss of consciousness, honest kid 

I am beyond the cause of it 

Stick your dick in, dishonor it 

I am a fallen father God 

I am a fallen father God 

Crush it but keep a hold of it 

Know that it’s only motive is 

Motivating you to the tippy top of some place that it’s 

Tellin’ you that you need to be 

Gotta be splittin’ equally 

Evenly envious eloquent lady will you leave with me 

I see inside these frequencies 

And believe it’s what’s free in me 

Recently I’ve been a little bit 

Married to indecency 

I believe I am easily 

Seen as the beast that eats at the 

Heels of an ever growing omnipotent 

Self love 


I am a saint 

I am a whore 

I am arctic current 

I am rocky shore 

I’m the painful parts of what you loved before 

Keep falling short 

The fuck is all this folly for?