Go Love Someone Else

• feat. Baron Von Rotza


My name is Baron Rotza

Entertainer. ARTIST. Entrpenuer.
Writer. FIGHTER.Oh so much more.

Not quite an Anarchist... Comin off a rad harvest
Still drunk tired hungry poor, sick of this shit and kinda pissed

                        The Standard of Fitness

Bitch, I be tore up from da floor up. Juiced up from da boots up. Ripped up from da hips up. Cut up from da butt up.
                ~My fuckin VEINS GOT SHADOWS~
I got a soft spot for kind hearted red necks and a distaste for pretentious city folk

             I never met my father and it influences everything I do..

Bout to go FULL HEEL. From any blow I'll HEAL. Like Wolverine, you never seen, a mothafucka SO REAL and hangin out with me is like watchin a character from a pro wrestlin show in everyday situations. 

Love with all your heart, don't hold it against em when they leave.

                                                       /     \
                                            Loyalty       Respect
                                                    /          \

        Help all those who helped You       Don't hurt anyone who hasn't hurt you

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