• feat. Adam Sabh

i wanna live like a whale lives 

just under the surface 

be where i be with no sense of purpose 

keep to myself in the swell of the current 

yeah, i got a bag of happy 

sky is blue 

the sun is laughing 

(feels so good to be alive today)


i feed i fuck i trust i love

need i want i can't i must 

breathe i can i am i suck

might be all of the above 

hold your nuts and focus up

lonely in the ocean rough

holy is her holiness 

praying on my hopelessness 

in king neptune i do trust 

and his little seductress 

i don't give a flying fuck 

i say i say i say i say 

the ocean is my only love 

my flow becomes my only crutch 

She say 

i ain't ever felt like a poem before 

she put 

two in my chest as we approaching the shore 

i roll on the floor 

i ain't ever known this before 

i'm like 

i ain't ever felt like a poet before 

ask her if god's in the rain 

she said no love god's in the brain

but that don't make a change 

you'll still find me where the lighthouse shimmers 


i wanna float past where the eye can see 

where only i can see 

the sins of sinner that are just like me 

hide inside of strippers giving fucks for free 

everything i am is what you trust in me 

but can you live on through what you love in me 


i wanna die like a dog dies 

i wanna sway to the darkside 

be where i be in the gleam of the starlight 

keep to myself in the swell like a barfly 

yeah, i got a cup of liquor 

couple pennies and a swisher 

i think i might die today 

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