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Is God in the details? 

Or  yayo and E pills? 

Oh I get lost in the calm of my high 


Is God in the details? 

Or in liquor and females? 

Oh I get lost in the calm of my high

(White boats and sea sails 

Or fast cars and cheap thrills 

I think that it’s all the same) 


He sipped a 10 dollar wine 

From his 10 gallon hat 

Chewed the end of a cuban til the end went flat 


He passed us each two enveloped 

Wrapped inside a third 

Promised us the contents were Omega’s holy word 


So we turned to our brothers 

Paired up like shoes 

Taste the nectar of the alpha brother 

Two by two 

Raise your head with your mouth 

Toward the moonrise 


In his left hand fingers was a pack of smoked 

His lungs both shivered when his speckled tongue spoke 


I kinda want to be a leader 

So Mama can see me be a 

Cultured savvy world redeemer 

Robin-hooded savvy schemer 

Put cyanide in my michelada 

And all my faith in an Oxford comma 

I keep my God tucked inside my wallet 

She keeps me warm

Yeah she keep me honest 


Middle finger to the demons 

Living in my sea of secrets 

To all the people I mistreated 

I hope you end up where everything’s golden and true 


(I’m solely lost in head space)

I need a lot of spice in my drink 

I keep love under sheets and ice in my drink 

I’m trying to think

But I can’t think with this fuckin’ voice in my head 

Snake eyes in the sink

My future flashes in my eyes when I blink 

And I feel it’s best that I’m high when I sing 

‘Cause baring my soul is a tireless thing 

And true love is wrapped up in timing I think 


Will you credit love as being everything you ever needed? 

Yeah buddy

I got a little bit of money now 

I keep a couple Kama Sutra copies in my glove compartment

‘Cause when she’s in heat I treat her like the mid of August 

just trying to be honest, dog 

 just trying to be calm in it all 

 just trying to hold faith in this quote penned 

On the back of this bathroom stall

I never wanted it all 

My brain’s a planet 

And I can fit it inside this ten gallon hat 

So maybe we’re all penny small

Going through dollar withdrawal 

Stuck under a copper ceiling 

And a nickel wall 

Aw dog, fuck it all 


I hope you end up where everything’s golden and true