Mr. High-June


This song's about a dude that kills himself because he watched too much news.

Don't forget to unplug sometimes.

The internet isn't real.

the sheets were white 

like the paint on the walls 

in the house where we stayed 

in the north of the city 

where we've lived 

since we were kids 

in the thick of it 

then the blood hit the top of the sheets 

and it stained 

it remind me of the way a cliff diver 

hit the ocean top 

i don't know if i'll cope or not 

i might fold and flop 

bottom line on the news 

reads high hell in june 

lady like a minister 

preaching on our doom 

too soon 

the room go ka ka kaboom 

fuck that

i'mma take hold my fate my friend 

i love 

legacy too much 

to let some zombie eat his lunch 

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