2019 • Sunny, Sonny.

Chicago hip-hop group Bonelang go epic with Sunny, Sonny.

“Imagine rappers trying to sound like Queen, and you’re pretty close to Chicago hip-hop group Bonelang. The band’s driving forces, rapper Samy.Language and producer-vocalist Matt Bones, have always had a fondness for experimentation and grand gestures, borrowing from indie rock, jazz, and outre electronic music to create densely layered songs with disparate sounds. Bonelang have supersized that approach on their new self-released album, Sunny, Sonny. They perform their proggy, ever-changing compositions with robotic exactness, shifting between breakneck raps and honeyed singing with whiplash-inducing swiftness—and their mini opuses sometimes feel like products of a marathon writing session for a musical theater production. Occasionally the group echo Queen’s most majestic moments with their sweeping sounds, particularly the radiant array of overdubbed vocals that opens “Plateauer.” And when Bonelang’s grandiose impulses and pop-forward songwriting skills sync up—as on the lithe nu-blues single “Anvil”—they sound like they could be the biggest band in the world.”

Leor Galil • Chicago Reader

Red Dye #2 • ft. Jeremiah Jae

I met Jae through RYAT, known for avant jazz improvisations and badass performance art. I met RYAT in Chicago in a program at Columbia and we became fast friends. One night Christina (RYAT) invited me out to go see some performance art over at Constellation with her and Jae. I’ll admit I was already a fan of his so I was quite happy to tag along. It turned out to be a wild night. Some guy cut a grapefruit in half and put it under his shirt like it was his tits and then another guy sucked the juice outta the grapefruit through the shirt while this woman commentated - and then someone pissed in a bucket - and then they gave champagne and pizza. Jae and me hit if off and we hopped in the studio a few weeks later. Matt Bones, producer & writer for Bonelang, took the record under his wing and transformed it quite a bit - it started out as a footwork tune.

“A collaboration with Brainfeeder and Flying Lotus associate Jeremiah Jae, the track is a silky and flowing listen, peppered throughout with jazzy flourishes (think of some of Action Bronson’s singles). It’s what I imagine raindrops trickling down a windowpane in New Orleans sounds like.”

Lake Schatz • Consequence of Sound

2018 • The Year of the Sunflower