"A brooding, yet, peaceful premonition that foretells Egyptian-American lyricist Samy’s potential suicide should he ever give up music and writing, the track is an intensely personal and incredibly human view into the soul of an artist. –AFROPUNK


"Bonelang goes beyond the lights for celestial 'Mushroom Moon' experience that plays to the group’s strengths and unique sound." –VIBE

“The best music videos offer more to dissect than provocative visuals. Such is the case with "Michelada," the latest video from Chicago-based hip-hop duo Bonelang's debut album Venn Diagrams.” –NPR

“...the sort of hypnotic listen that feels a modern outgrowth of hip-hop’s early fixations with jazz… that hints at a taste for the psychedelic (it’s reminiscent of a softer-around- the-edges take on the Fear and Loathing musical cocktail of lost psych-rock- rap greats New Kingdom)” –Pigeons & Planes

“Bonelang is an act that has been making some moves around their hometown of Chicago since the break of 2015 with their distinct style of hip-hop that blends aspects of electronica and turn of the millennium rap aesthetics into something that is easily digestible.” –UPROXX


“The duo combines elements of soul and hip-hop, freeform poetry, and tidbits of psychedelia to craft a unique sound unlike anything else spewing out of the City of Broad Shoulders.” –MISHKA


“Sidewinding melodies and dark passages that embrace both the outsider streak of late-aughts indie rock and the euphoria of that era’s pop manifest themselves on the new self-released EP Venn Diagrams, Pt. I.” –Chicago Reader


"Nimble, electronic-fueled rap that flows so quickly from challenging to clever you might miss the switch." –RedEye Chicago